Jun 7, 2003

Aw, man. I'm so, so, sooooooo upset. I don't get to go to St.Aug after all tonight. I'm so upset. It's a long, frustrating story. The main jist of it is this: when something goes wrong with my dad's truck it gets fixed in like a day or two, but my car on the other hand.... a month and a half after the problem shows up we finally decide to do something! And, of course, we have to put it off long enough so that the one day out of the month that I really need my car is the day we have to leave it at the shop. And, of course, this all must coincide with other "driving delimas" for my room mate. AND, of course, my dear friend Eric WOULD stand me up! Thanks, Eric... 'preciate it! J/K. So, I now have the joy of staying at home and possibly eating out with the parents and being driven to and from church tomorrow. Ugh. Cars are so frustrating!

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