Jun 4, 2003

Mr. Chuck Sowers spoke tonight at Alpha and Omega. He talked about the importance of Christian fellowship in the form of small group type meetings and the importance of encouragement (all from Hebrews 10:23-25). Something that he touched on a little but that I thought about quite a bit was the cool way God's "system" of encouragement works (he didn't call it a "system"; that's just how I see it). Like how if one person (person-A, to prevent confusion) is encouraged by another person (person-B), and person-A tells person-B, then person-B is encouraged by knowing that he encouraged person-A. Okay, so that didn't prevent any confusion whatsoever! In simpler terms (hopefully!) it's encouraging for you to know that you've encouraged someone else. That's really my only point. If I drag it out any longer I'll only be rambling! And, most likely, will have someone in utter, hopeless confusion! Oh, but do take note, as mentioned previously, Megan is now employed! G'night!

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