Jun 2, 2003


I do not feel that I can do adequate justice to this analogy, but I hope you can understand the concept of it anyway. Mrs. Linda reminds us of this analogy often in Sunday school, and I feel it is a really great one. She explains that life is like a parade. We are spectators standing on a street corner who can only see one float at a time. God, however, is the one up in the helicopter who can see the whole parade from beginning to end. Do not be misled, however. This is not to say that we are "only" spectators and have absolutely no control of events in our lives. The analogy merely implies that we only see one event at a time while God knows the past, present, and future all at once. Continuing the analogy, it's like if I see one bad "float" come along, I might assume that the rest of the parade can only get worse. God, on the other hand, knows that the best floats are yet to come. Hopefully this made a little sense. It's just something that helps me grasp the concept of God knowing our futures.

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