Jul 14, 2003

Don't have time to say much because I'm about to head out to the movies with Lace. HAD to post real quick though, because I'm SO excited! First of all, reading my e-mail a few minutes ago was like the most encouraging thing that's happened to me in a week. Had some really nice ones from friends, and some informational ones from my St. Augusine church folks. My St. Augustine church, Anastasia, was starting a new college Bible study right before I left to come home for summer. I knew from the begining that it was eventually going to be huge, and I was so excited about it--kinda sad that I had to come home. Anyway, they've been in the planning stages all summer, and it's really starting to come together. It's called Fusion, and I found out today that some of the people put together a websight. The websight's pretty tight, too! So on top of being excited about that, I got a secod info e-mail, in which I learned that Darrell Evans is going to be at The Edge next month!!! I'm way, way excited! As if I don't get excited about The Edge enough, it's pretty cool to have a "big-name worship leader" coming! Wow. It's such a good day! I'm off to the movies! Later.

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