Jul 16, 2003


I have this analogy [this one's for you, Allie]. You and God are in a dark room where you can't see anything. Your goal is to reach out and grab God's hand, but you don't know which direction to go. God has His hand streched out and is calling out to you: "take my hand." You reach out and begin moving in the right direction, but you pause and wonder if it's the right way to go. "It's dark and I can't see, so how do I know where God is?" you ask yourself. You were moving in the right direction, but the darkness threw you off and made you think twice. You can't see God, so how do you know which way to go? Because you can hear Him. You know becausse you can hear Him, Allie. Don't rely on your eyes. Just listen. And usually our first instincts are right anyway.

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