Jul 19, 2003

I was looking at my tracking information on ServuStats, and it's funny what people search for and come up with my sight. These are some of the things people wanted to find, but found my sight instead. While most of them are things I have written about, I wonder why they get to my sight rather than a more appropriate one.
-"gap employee discount"
-"ginny owens karaoke if you want me to cd"
-"the galatian people"
-"brooklyn tabernacle blog" (??? they have a blog?)
-"quote if you want to get something done ask a busy person" (I don't believe I ever posted this one!)
BEST of all, I got six hits for "lele sobieski," which was only mentioned once in some song lyrics!
The good news is--I guess it's good news--most people find my sight by looking for Christian song lyrics which I have actually posted. Hopefully I've helped a few of them out in their search. If you're one of the people that has found my blog by using a search engine, please tell me what off-the-wall subject you were actually looking for! I'd love to put a name with a topic! Later.

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