Jul 10, 2003

Yesterday (Tuesday) was slightly less eventful than Monday! After work, however, I got to hang out with Laci, which was great since we haven't even seen each other in like two months. (We decided that was pitiful, since it's a whopping 10 minutes between our houses.) We sipped Honey Dew Green Tea I.C.s at Panera, which are the best drinks at the best place ever, while discussing the events of the past two months. We had QUITE a lot to say. From there, we went to her house and watched Minority Report, which is an incredible movie! If it had ended any other way, it would have been horrible. The ending is awesome! And you seriously don't exactly know what's going to happen up untill the last second. Anyway, it was a good day. Oh, and once I came home from her house I had one of those really cool times with God where I just felt like I was able to be really honest about a lot of things and lay them in His hands. I'm glad He's in control and not me!

Today (Wednesday) was pretty good. Work was normal--praise God! Then I went to church, where the message was so-so, but I thought the worship time was pretty great. I miss the worship services that I'm involved in while I'm at school. Over the summer I'm missing out on a BUNCH of worship time, which I really miss. (That was redundant.) Anyway, tonight was Zero Uno at Danny and Tina's (yes, that is practically the only place I go).

I have some other stuff I want to post; I just have to find some time... not in the early AM hours. Maybe tomorrow, since I don't go into work early. Well, it's definitely time for bed. G'night.

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