Feb 10, 2005


So I'm in the mood for doing a random survey but don't have one to do and am too lazy to search for one, so I will make up my own as I go along, dividing my personal information into as many questions/answers as possible, at least till I get bored with it. So here it goes.

1. First name: Megan
2. Middle name: Michelle
3. Last name: Lee
4. Birthplace: Jacksonville, FL
5. Place where you grew up: same as above, specifically "the Westside"
6. Current residence: St. Augustine, FL (in beautiful historic downtown)
7. Place where you hope to live permanently: St. Augustine
8. Church affiliation: Southern Baptist, but with a slight dislike of all large denominational organizations (I'm complicated)
9. Church in which you were raised: Westside Baptist
10. Church in which you are a current member: Anastasia Baptist
11. Did you attend preschool? not officially, the WEEN program at WBC (a shout-out to Allie!)
12. Elementary School: Normandy Village Elementary
13. Middle School: Trinity Christian Academy
14. High School: same as above
15. Graduation year: 2002
16. Favorite grade in HS: 11th
17. Hardest grade in HS: 10th
18. Best decision you made during HS: to take dual-enrollment classes
19. College: Flagler
20. Currently attending? yes
21. Major: Elementary Education
22. Minor: Fine Arts (but that's a bit of a story)
23. Graduation date: Dec. 2005
24. Living situation: with three fabulous room-mates (origionally 4) in the 3-bedroom first floor of a house on Oviedo Street. I get the single room. (new room-mates to be added soon)
25. Biggest peev about living with roomies: feeling like I'm the only one who ever cleans. people using my dishes/pans and leaving them dirty for days on end.
26. Favorite thing about living with roomies: they are awesome, godly people who offer constant love, support, and encouragement.
27. Favorite thing in your room: photos (currently, the ones of Rob... they humor me!)
28. Favorite color: green
29. Favorite food: cheese
30. Favorite dessert: all kinds :)
31. Favorite article of clothing: jeans
32. Favorite casual shoes: brown flops
33. Favorite dress shoes: black pointy ones
34. Best friend: Allison
35. In love? yes
36. With who? Rob (I know that comes as a huge shock)
37. Favorite blog: Niki's "lonliness"
38. Black or Blue ink: blue
39. Pen or Pencil: depends on mood
40. Favorite book: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
41. Favorite book of the Bible: James
42. Favorite scripture: Romans 8:38-39
43. Favorite Bible story: woman who touches the hem of Jesus' garment
44. Most often ordered beverage: water
45. Most appreciated office-type invention: the three-hole punch
46. Favorite hobby: photography, singing
47. Favorite people to sing with: Rob; Allison; Devon; Mel (in a group); Krissy
48. Favorite number(s) to exaggerate by: 12, 87, 8,000, 87,000
49. Favorite time in life: right now.
50. Favorite number to end a survey on: 50

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