Feb 8, 2005

wish list addition...

I want a subscription to American Photo magazine. I've looked at them before, but yesterday I picked up the most recent issue in the photo lab and brought it home with me to read. SO good! Being an art-focused magazine, there are some rather risque articles, but that's to be expected.

Speaking of photography, yesterday was our first presentation day of the semester. It went well. I had a few compliments from classmates, which is always encouraging, and had some good comments from the instructor. And something that might even be better than both of those is that I was pleased with my photos even when they were up on the wall next to everyone else's. As intimidating as it can be, I'm glad we do public critique in that class because it's cool when you start noticing specific things that could be improved about photos and then the professor points out the exact same things. That's when you know you are developing a "good eye," as they call it. So overall, yesterday was a good critique day. I love photography.

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