Feb 10, 2005

who am i to complain...

Suddenly, my Quiet Time seems much less complicated. This is apperantly what some Catholics do as their daily time with God. As the post so clearly demonstrates, it seems very, very complicated.

Speaking of Quiet Time and Catholics, while I am not Catholic myself, I have chosen to participate in Lent by setting aside a specific time each day for my Quiet Time. Granted, this is not something that I want to do just for Lent, but I figured this was a good time to get myself back on track. I also intend to try to go to bed at a reasonable hour for the next 40 (well, 39 now) days. I did give the stipulation, however, that Wednesdays are excluded, mostly because of Fusion. During Lent, you are "allowed" to take Sundays off, but I don't really plan to. Like I said, Wednesdays are my off nights for going to bed early, and I think Saturdays will be the biggest problem as far as my quiet time goes. I didn't really do Saturdays before, so I haven't yet decided what I plan to do now.

Nothing more for now. But I have two hours left at work, so you never know what may happen.

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