May 24, 2006

against my religion...

So, for as non-protestant of me as this sounds, I've started reading through the books of the Apocripha. I love the additions to Esther. Those chapters give a lot of insight to the personal side of the story, rather than just the bare-bone facts. I've also read most of the way through Tobit (I have three more chapters to go). It's an interesting story. Parts of it are funny, like the guy getting blinded by bird poop, and the fact that it notes when the family dog went along with them on their journey. There's also a really clear picture of someone who uses their monetary possessions to benefit God's work and the welfare of others, rather than using his money for selfish purposes. Then, there's a really great wedding story about two people who God intended for one another "since before the foundations of the world." Tobit and the additions to Esther are the only books I've read so far, but I'm really looking forward to reading the rest. I'm interested to develop my own personal opinions on these books which aren't included in my Bible without just being told "these are good" or "these are bad." I'm a big believer in finding the spiritual value in everything, so unless something clashes really badly with me, I have a feeling I will enjoy most of what I read.

That's all for now.

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