May 23, 2006

isn't it pretty...

This is the Nikon D50. I wish I had it. It's not that I'm absolutely dying to have it or anything... I think it's just that I'm sitting here a little bored at work. I've already looked at all the home-decor crap that I can think of this morning, and I've read 53 pages of my book, so now I'm poking around on my proverbial wish list. I was actually looking at it because I couldn't remember how much it cost. Somehow it seems much more affordable now than the last time I looked at it. I guess perspectives change based on employment status! Things always seem much farther out of range when you don't have a steady income! It's still not like I'm goint to go out and buy one tomorrow or anything, but it might be a goal to save toward in the near future.

Speaking of home-decor crap (I say "crap," but I really enjoy it), I picked up a set of sheets from Target yesterday with one of the gift cards Rob and I received at our engagement party, and I also got the paint for our bedroom. I'm pretty excited about seeing it all come together this weekend. Granted, it won't be all together, as I'll have a living room void of furniture for a while, but at least the bedroom will look official soon. As selfish as it sounds, Rob and I are really looking forward to loading up on some good stuff in the upcoming weeks. I move this Saturday; the following Saturday is a wedding shower with my family; the following is one with ladies from church in Jacksonville. It's only once in your life that people so freely give you all the stuff you want and need... I figure we should enjoy it while it lasts! In all seriousness though, our families have already been so generous. We could not be more thankful.

4 days till move in. 59 days till marriage. Can't wait.

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