Jul 27, 2003

Dad's not thrilled with the fact that I have decided to move out. He has such a strange view of the world. He told my mom (who tells me everything) that when people get apartments that's when they start "partying" and all that stuff. My mother, being the logical one, reminded him who he was talking about (me) and wanted to know if he really thought that's how I'm gonna be. Besides the fact that I've already lived away from home for a year. Somehow he thinks it's easier to "get into trouble" in an apartment than in a dorm. I "reassured" my mom that I've had plenty of opportunity to get into trouble already, and that it doesn't take an apartment to become a party-er. But she knows I've not done anything that they would disapprove of, nor do I plan to when I get an apartment. My mom's pretty cool... she's always supported pretty much anything I've wanted to do. Not so much in a verbal sense, but she's just never really stopped me from doing what I want. But then again, I've always been pretty practical, so there's been no reason to stop me. I don't know the value of this post, but here you go.

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