Jul 29, 2003

I was driving home from work today, and I turned off the music to spend some time in prayer and thought. It was beautiful. After praying for a bit, I began thinking about why it's always "something huge" that's going on in people's lives. I mean, why does it seem that there are never little problems, only life-altering ones? I concluded that it is because we are far too prone to think we are self-sufficient. At least, I am. If we faced "little" problems, we would think we were perfectly capable of taking care of them ourselves, at which point we basically no longer "need" God. God allows "huge" things to happen so we will KNOW we are incapable of handling them, and that we MUST rely on Him. The problems are huge to reveal the hugeness of our God. That excites me because it makes me all-the-more confident that the outcome of tough situations will be incredible. God doesn't typically pass up an opportunity to reveal His power in the lives of His children. Think about that the next time "something huge" comes your way!

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