Aug 1, 2003

Thinking about Katie Gail tonight. I'm sad she won't be there when we all go back to Flagler. We'll miss you, Katie!!!

Thinking about Adam and how we were friends once. Haven't spoken to him in.... in two or three years. Wow.

Thinking about how some friendships are permanent, while others are so brief. I'm thankful for the brief ones, but sometimes I wish they could have lasted longer. Some of the briefest friendships I've had have also been some of the most meaningful. People's lives take different paths, though, and you can't live in the past. Nor can you force two roads to intersect a second time. Most roads only intersect once.

Thinking about where my life will take me in the future. I have no idea. I've been thinking on this one for a few days now. Who, When, Where.... mostly just who. I'm too curious for my own good at times! But God and I have been conversing about this topic this week, and I know I have to leave it up to His timing. Rushing usually equals ruining.

Friendship. How intriguing.

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