Jul 29, 2003

I had this revelation today about life in general, which when I say what it was, everyone will be like "well, duh!" I realized that you CANNOT live off of minimum wage. Obviously, I've sort of realized this for a long time now, but today I was figuring up (again) how much an apartment will cost, and for the heck of it, I tried to figure out if I could afford to live totally on my own (not that I want to). I realized that even if you make like $8 an hour, you'd be lucky to pay rent on the cheapest of places, and you can forget about eating!!! No wonder people are on welfare!!! All I have to say is that if I wind up getting a teaching job after I graduate, I'd better get married quick so there'll be two incomes cause I sure can't live off one! How sad that we HAVE to work jobs for money and not just because it's something we want to do. How unfulfilling. I could really go off on that. I mean, there's like a million things I would LOVE to do in life, but they cost money initially, and then if you get really good at whatever you do and get a job in that area, the fun jobs don't pay squat. Like musicians, artists, teachers. And don't get me started about how rediculous it is that teachers don't get paid well. SERIOUSLY... without teachers, there wouldn't be doctors, lawyers, movie stars. Teachers practically raise children for half of their waking hours of their first 18 years, on top of teaching them academics and how to be functioning members of society. It's just rediculous. Anyway, I'm a little depressed right now about how dependent we are on money.

-Danny preaching Wednesday... he's gonna do something totally unexpected he says
-day trip on Thursday
-THE EDGE on Saturday!!!!! Yay! A whole bunch of us are going. Well, at least my car load, and possibly a few more.
-the "all-church orchestra concert" Sunday... looking forward to? Well, yeah, I guess I am. I haven't played in over a year.

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